I’m Sebastian,
a fullstack developer
based in Czechia 🍺

AboutI'm currently working with the fine folks @ Webvalley, but I'm available for freelance. When I'm not developing, you can catch me boxing in the gym, driving around, exploring countries or visiting new bars to drink coffee.


Selected Works

Below is a few of my most recent projects. To view all work, head over to the projects page.

SkillsBelow are skills that I learned, or I'm still learning during my developer career. All skills are self-taught with the help of some Indian guys on YouTube and my colleagues. 👍



Very good knowledge of HTML, CSS (sass, scss, less) & Tailwind.css. Breakpoints, Mobile first design, Grid, Flex, Animations & Tricks.

Javascript & (jQuery)

I use vanilla javascript / jQuery oftenly only if the client insist not to use Vue or React.

Vue.js (Nuxt.js)

Using since 2021 - Built couple of websites using Nuxt.js, from simple websites to big ecommerce projects.

React.js (Next.js & React Native )

Similarly to Vue.js, I started using React.js in 2021. I have created many landing pages, custom backends, and a few mobile apps in react native. Immediatelly fell in love with the React ecosystem.

Back End


My most favorite PHP framework that I'm using from the 5.x Version. In past I've built some CMS's & API's. Currently using for a big JOBS Portal project.


In Webvalley we do have some projects built with Symfony, so I'm taking care of new features, fixing bugs, and 🤯 updating to new versions.


For me It's the most non-sense & hated PHP Framework, but we still have plenty of projects using Nette, so that's why It's listed there, I use it very frequently.


Used in many projects, good knowledge. Loved by many, hated by many.

Wordpress & WooCommerce

Made some projects with Wordpress & WooCoomerce, in the recent project I have used Wordpress with WooCoommerce as a Headless CMS.

Got in Touch

Zend PHP Framework, Serverless API, Web Scraping...

Design & Other

Adobe xD, Photoshop, Figma

Using everyday, I'm capable of creating some basic webdesign, banners & graphics.

Flutter, Firebase

Using & Learning while building a hybrid Mobile App for 1M+ clients.

Google Scripts

Building tools, tables for the Marketing & Sales Team, connecting multiple data providers & creating human-readable content.

AWS, Serverless

Thanks to Webvalley I've learned the basics of deploying to AWS, or using Serverless functions to render Websites & API'S.

Human Languages

Native Languages

Italian, Czech



Want to Learn

German, Albanian